Counting with Cookie the Kitten
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Counting with Cookie the Kitten

Once upon a time, there was a fluffy kitten named Cookie.

Cookie loved to count things in her house.


Cookie saw her favourite red ball of yarn. “One ball,” she said.


Cookie found two shiny bowls in the kitchen. “Two bowls,” she said.


Cookie saw three soft pillows by the couch. “Three pillows,” she said.


Cookie saw four books on the shelf. “Four books,” she said.


Cookie looked outside the window and saw five birds. “Five birds,” she said.


Cookie jumped up onto the dining table and saw six red roses. “Six roses,” she said.


Cookie saw seven little goldfish in the fish tank. “Seven goldfish,” she said.


Cookie went to the garden and saw eight pretty butterflies. “Eight butterflies,” she said.


Cookie saw nine bees buzzing around in the garden. “Nine bees,” she said.


Cookie looked up and saw ten stars in the sky. “Ten stars,” she said.


Cookie had fun counting all the things.

One ball

Two bowls

Three pillows

Four books

Five birds

Six roses

Seven goldfish

Eight butterflies

Nine bees

Ten stars


Cookie yawned, curled up in her bed, and went to sleep.

Good night, little one!


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