24 Jun, 2024

About Me

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Dream Spinner

Dream Spinner, the enchanting editor behind onestoryeveryday.com, weaves magic into every children’s story shared on the site. With a boundless imagination and a heart full of wonder, Dream Spinner crafts and curates tales that ignite the spark of curiosity and adventure in young minds.


A lifelong lover of stories, Dream Spinner believes in the power of narratives to inspire, educate, and entertain. Each day, Dream Spinner selects stories that transport children to fantastical worlds, introduce them to unforgettable characters, and teach valuable life lessons through the art of storytelling.


Dream Spinner’s passion for children’s literature is matched by a dedication to nurturing a love for reading in every child. By delivering a new story every day, Dream Spinner ensures that bedtime, storytime, or any time is filled with the joy of discovery and the magic of imagination.


Join Dream Spinner on this delightful journey, and let the stories at onestoryeveryday become a cherished part of your child’s daily routine.




Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver, the creative and imaginative sister of Dream Spinner, serves as the assistant editor of onestoryeveryday.com. With her enchanting personality and boundless creativity, Dream Weaver brings a magical touch to the daily stories that captivate young readers.


Growing up in a family where storytelling was a cherished tradition, Dream Weaver developed a deep love for tales that spark the imagination and inspire dreams. Her long, wavy hair and vibrant, whimsical outfits reflect her playful and artistic nature, making her a beloved figure among the readers and contributors of the website.


Dream Weaver’s role at One Story Everyday involves curating enchanting tales, collaborating with authors and illustrators, and ensuring each story is filled with wonder and joy. Her keen eye for detail and her passion for storytelling help maintain the high standards of the website, creating a delightful experience for children around the world.


In her free time, Dream Weaver enjoys exploring new stories, crafting magical art pieces, and dreaming up new ways to inspire young minds. Her dedication to fostering a love for reading and creativity in children makes her an invaluable part of the One Story Everyday team.


Together with her brother, Dream Spinner, Dream Weaver continues to weave a tapestry of enchanting stories that bring magic and wonder to the lives of children every day.

Dream Spinner

Chief Editor