Nian, The New Year Beast
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Nian, The New Year Beast

 Once upon a time, in a quaint village nestled between rolling hills and a majestic mountain, the people lived in constant dread of the Lunar New Year. Every year, as the celebration approached, a fearsome beast named Nian would descend from the mountain. Nian was a terrifying creature with glowing red eyes, sharp fangs, and scales as hard as armour. The villagers had no choice but to flee to the safety of the hills, leaving their homes and livestock at the mercy of the beast.



One year, as the villagers were packing up to leave, an old traveller arrived. His hair was white as snow, and he carried a bundle of red paper and a string of firecrackers. The villagers warned him of the impending danger, but the old man smiled and assured them, “I have a way to chase Nian away for good.”


“I have a way to chase Nian away for good.”


Curious and hopeful, the villagers gathered around the old man as he explained his plan. “Nian is afraid of three things: the colour red, loud noises, and bright lights. If we use these, we can scare the beast away.”


Unconvinced but desperate for a solution, the villagers decided to trust the old man. They stayed in the village and followed his instructions. They hung red lanterns and banners on their homes, wore red clothes, and prepared firecrackers and drums.


As night fell, a tense silence enveloped the village. The moon rose high, casting a silver glow over the rooftops. Suddenly, a chilling roar echoed through the valley, and Nian appeared, its eyes blazing with hunger and malice. The villagers held their breath, but the old man remained calm.


When Nian reached the outskirts of the village, the old man lit the firecrackers, creating a deafening series of explosions. The villagers banged drums and gongs, and the sky lit up with the red glow of lanterns. Nian, startled and terrified by the noise and lights, roared in confusion and fear. It tried to advance, but the relentless barrage of sounds and colours drove it back.



The beast turned and fled, retreating to the mountains, never to return. The villagers erupted in cheers, overjoyed that they had finally vanquished their fearsome foe. The old man smiled and said, “Remember, Nian fears the colour red, loud noises, and bright lights. Celebrate with these each year, and Nian will never trouble you again.”



The villagers thanked the old man and embraced the new traditions. Every Lunar New Year, they adorned their homes with red decorations, set off firecrackers, and filled the air with joyous noise. The village flourished, free from the terror of Nian, and the story of their brave stand against the beast was passed down through generations.


And so, the tradition of celebrating the Lunar New Year with red decorations, firecrackers, and loud festivities was born, a lasting reminder of the victory over Nian and the wisdom of an old traveller who brought hope to a fearful village.







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