The Day Of Blues
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The Day Of Blues

In the colourful town of Rainbowville, a young girl named Lily loved learning about new phrases and idioms. One day, she decided to visit her grandpa, who was known for telling the best stories and explaining tricky sayings.


As Lily sat on her grandpa’s porch, she noticed he seemed a bit sad. “What’s wrong, Grandpa?” she asked.



Grandpa sighed and said, “Oh, Lily, I’m just feeling blue today.”


Lily looked puzzled. “Feeling blue? What does that mean?”


Grandpa smiled gently. “It means I’m feeling a bit sad. Sometimes, people say ‘feeling blue‘ when they’re not very happy.”


Lily nodded, understanding. “Oh, I see. I hope you feel better soon, Grandpa!”


Just then, a neighbour, Mr. Thompson, came rushing up to the porch. “Grandpa, Lily! You won’t believe it! Out of the blue, I found an old treasure map in my attic!”



Out of the blue?” Lily asked. “What does that mean?”


Grandpa chuckled. “When something happens ‘out of the blue,’ it means it was a complete surprise. Mr. Thompson wasn’t expecting to find a treasure map at all!”


Lily’s eyes sparkled with excitement. “A treasure map! Can we go on a treasure hunt, Grandpa?”


Grandpa’s mood lifted at the thought. “Sure, Lily! This is a ‘once in a blue moon‘ opportunity!”



Lily tilted her head. “Once in a blue moon? What’s that?”


Grandpa explained, “It means something that happens very rarely. Finding a treasure map like this doesn’t happen every day!”


With the map in hand, Lily, Grandpa, and Mr. Thompson set off on their adventure. They followed the clues, crossing streams and climbing hills. At one point, they reached a big rock that was supposed to hide the treasure, but it wouldn’t budge.


Grandpa and Mr. Thompson pushed and pushed, turning red and breathing hard. “We’ve tried everything, and I’m blue in the face!” Grandpa exclaimed.



Lily giggled. “Blue in the face? What does that mean, Grandpa?”


Grandpa laughed, catching his breath. “When someone says they’re ‘blue in the face,’ it means they’ve been trying really hard to do something for a long time, but it’s just not working.”


With a little more teamwork and some clever thinking, they finally moved the rock and found a small chest filled with old coins and trinkets. The discovery lifted everyone’s spirits.


As they headed home, Lily smiled and said, “Today, I learned a lot about the colour blue! Feeling blue means being sad, out of the blue means a surprise, once in a blue moon means something rare, and blue in the face means trying hard for a long time.”


Grandpa nodded proudly. “That’s right, Lily! And even when we’re feeling blue, adventures with family and friends can always cheer us up.”


Idioms Used:

Feeling Blue: Feeling sad or down.

Out of the Blue: Something happened unexpectedly or was a complete surprise.

Once in a Blue Moon: Something that happens very rarely.

Blue in the Face: Trying very hard to do something for a long time without success.


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