The Origins of the Stars
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The Origins of the Stars

Long ago, the universe was nothing but darkness—a vast, empty void. In this endless night lived Astraeus, the Titan of Stars, with a heart full of dreams and a mind brimming with wonders.


Astraeus looked out into the darkness and saw potential. He decided to fill the void with light and beauty. Gathering the cosmic dust around him, Astraeus took a deep breath and blew gently, scattering the dust across the universe. The dust began to sparkle and glow, forming the first stars.


Each star was unique, shining with its own light and story. Astraeus arranged them into patterns, creating constellations that would guide and inspire future beings. He made twelve special constellations, known as the Zodiac:


Aries, the Ram, symbolizing courage and new beginnings.


Taurus, the Bull, representing strength and perseverance.


Gemini, the Twins, embodying communication and curiosity.


Cancer, the Crab, signifying nurturing and protection.


Leo, the Lion, symbolizing bravery and leadership.


Virgo, the Maiden, representing wisdom and purity.


Libra, the Scales, embodying balance and fairness.


Scorpio, the Scorpion, symbolizing transformation and passion.


Sagittarius, the Archer, representing exploration and adventure.


Capricorn, the Goat, embodying discipline and ambition.


Aquarius, the Water Bearer, symbolizing innovation and progress.


Pisces, the Fish, representing empathy and intuition.


As time passed, these stars became the guides for all who gazed upon the night sky. Sailors navigated the seas, travellers crossed deserts, and dreamers wove stories around the constellations.


The stars, filled with Astraeus’ dreams, turned the dark void into a brilliant tapestry of light. They became eternal beacons of hope and wonder, lighting the way for all who looked up and saw their sparkling stories.


And so, from the heart of darkness, the stars were born, each one a shining tale in the endless sky, forever illuminating the path for all who seek their light.


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